gathering oral historical heritage keeps our history understandable and humaneeven after 100 years

Kogu Me Lugu (Gather Our Story, also translates into Our Entire Story) was launched on 14 June 2013 as an appeal to young people of Estonia and the world to gather their family stories. The objective was set not only to document Estonia’s oral history, but also to make this heritage accessible on the internet. This is how the Kogu Me Lugu oral history portal was born, which focuses on Estonia’s 20th century history through personal experience.

To this end, we gather, research and share memories in video format of people (eyewitnesses and people close to them) who lived in Estonia during the Soviet or German occupation, fled from Estonia to escape those regimes, or ended up in Estonia as a result of the actions of those regimes. The portal can be accessed in Estonian, English and Russian.

The portal’s work is organised by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory.

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