We all inheritour culture

Each of us has a story and a role in other stories. We are all children of our parents and residents of where we live. We all inherit our cultural, regional and family heritage. The Estonian story, our entire story, is made of different stories of the Estonian people.

These stories do not provide a complete picture of the past, but represent it through the lens of the speaker, which can be very different from our own. Listening to these stories we experience life in different, perhaps unfamiliar ways. Indeed, as individuals we are different, unique. However, what we share deep inside us is common to all.

Kogu Me Lugu (translates into Collect Our Story, We're Collecting The Story, also Our Entire Story) is an online oral history portal. We collect, preserve and share the family stories of Estonians from around the world in video format. We focus on the memories of people who were repressed by the Soviet or Nazi regimes, people who escaped Estonia during the occupations of said regimes or arrived in Estonia as a result of the occupations. The collected memories are used for developing educational materials, research and raising public awareness in Estonia and elsewhere. Kogu Me Lugu was launched on 14 June 2013.

Each story is unique, yet part of a larger story. Each story is the Estonian story and also the story of mankind.

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