Life in Siberia

Relation to the study course

Upper secondary school course IV, Contemporary History I – Estonia and the World in the First Half of the 20th Century. Topic: WWII
Upper secondary school course VI, Contemporary History III – Main Features of the Development of the 20th Century. Topic: WWII

This can also optionally be used in basic school course V within the framework of Contemporary History topics “WWII 1939–1945” and “The World after WWII 1945–2000”.

Key words

deportation, living conditions of deportees in Siberia, GULAG prison camps, Inta, Norilsk, repressions

Study results

The pupil
- has an overview of the deportations of 1941 and 1949 in the Baltic countries and of the GULAG camps;
- understands how deportation changed the fate of people’s lives;
- is familiar with the living conditions of people deported to Siberia;
- develops his capacity for empathy: places himself in the situation of a person deported to Siberia.

This learning material was created by Kersti Piilma.